Drug Delivery Solutions

About Us

NanoOncology™ is a biotechnology company that was recently purchased by PeptiMed™, Inc. The company is currently expanding its operations in Madison, Wisconsin. Recently, NANO invented a proprietary siRNA therapeutic drug that targets the EVI1 gene, called EVIRNA ™, for treatment of advanced breast, prostate, lung, colon, ovarian, and skin cancer and may be used initially as a second-line therapy, and advanced to first-line therapy once proven effective as a stand-alone treatment.


Mission Statement

We at NANO are committed to altering the treatment paradigms of cancer. We believe that permanent remission of cancer and disease-free survival can be achieved through molecular therapies that are specific for each individual. It is our mission to identify specific tumor-causing genetic targets and designing small interfering RNA (siRNA)-based drugs and small molecules drugs that inhibit the tumor promoting function of gene products for each patient on an individual basis.